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Georgia Guidestones, 2014 and the Graffiti

Brief History of the Stones

 In June 1979 a man calling himself R C Christian walked into the offices of The Elberton Granite Finishing Company, he had a meeting with the President of the said company and discussed the building of the monument. The President of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company was Joe H. Fendley, as it happens Fendley was a Freemason, and not just a lowly initiate, he was a Scottish Rite and York Rite 32 degree Mason of the Philomathea Masonic Lodge # 25 in Elberton. His son Joe H. Fendley jr is still a member of the said lodge. Link
Left: Joe Fendley inspecting his handywork

Samuel Elbert
 The county of Elbert where the monstrosity was erected was named after Samuel Elbert, Elbert’s name appears on the list of 1779 members of Solomon’s Lodge No 1 at Savannah, he also served as the last Grand Master of the first English Provincial Grand Lodge of Georgia in 1785.

The identity of the man calling himself R. C. Christian has never been revealed, it is thought to be a pseudonym from Christian Rosenkreuz, whose English name was Christian Rose Cross, he was the founder of the Rosicrucian Order.

In my research into the Aurora, Century 16 Cinema shooting,  I found a big Rosicrucian footprint all over it, and it went right back to 16th Century England, John Dee and Francis Bacon. Bacon authored “The New Atlantis”, which was his Rosicrucian vision for the United States.

Anyways, back to the stones…..When RC Christian presented his plans to Fendley, he would I presume have told Fendley where the monument was to be erected. The site where the stones stand is off Highway 77 in Elbert County, Georgia, they are on a small road known as Guidestones Road, they stand on the highest point in Elbert County.
They are approximately:
90 miles East of Atlanta
45 (4+5=9) miles from Athens, Georgia, &
9 miles North of the centre of Elberton
999 or 666 inverted

The Zip code is 30634, 3+6+3+4=16, 1+6= The Magic number 7
The entire monument weighs 119 tons!

The placement of this monument would have been very carefully considered, it probably took years to develop, RC Christian allegedly told Fendley that himself and a small group of patriotic Americans had spent 20 years putting together the plans. The four major stone blocks which contain the ten guides for the future are in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.
The structure is built from Pyramid Blue Granite, mined from the Pyramid Blue Quarry, as I have covered in other blogs, the most sacred symbol to Masons is the pyramid/triangle, and the most sacred colour is blue, oh, and Fendley just happened to own the quarry!
The top stone has four ancient languages, Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Egyptian Hieroglyphs; despite having searched I cannot find any translations for the ancient scripts.
The whole thing is astronomically aligned; you can put money on it that this was not just placed on the first available site!
Adjacent to the monument is the farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix, up until 1979 they owned the land on which the monument sits. Christian commissioned the monument in June 1979, and on October  1, 1979 Elbert County purchased the land from the Mullenix’s. The monument was unveiled on March 22, 1980. Mullenix was paid $5000 for the site, that works out at $1000 an acre, pretty good for 1980 prices! He profited further when he was given the contract to lay the foundations, despite selling the land and getting a good price, he was also given lifetime cattle-grazing rights on the land, which were to be extended to his descendants!
As it happens Mullenix was in the same Masonic lodge as Fendley, Philomathea lodge no 25 in Elberton!

 Also please note the date that they were unveiled 22 March, 3/22, this is the number of the Scull & Bones Club!

The only person who is said to know the true identity of RC Christian is the banker that dealt with the transfer of funds for the monument; his name is Wyatt C Martin. He was the President of Granite City Bank in Elberton, the funds to build the Guidestones were transferred to his bank from bank accounts all across America and not from one single account.
Martin claims that it was him who chose the site, he said that he presented Christian with 3 possible sites and the 5 acre pasture on the Double Seven farm of Wayne Mullenix’s was chosen as the site from the three put forward to Christian.
Since the monument was erected witches, Pagans and other groups have held rituals there, the caretakers of the monument have said that they frequently have to remove chicken blood from the stones. The following excerpt is taken from Raymond Wiley’s book, “The Georgia Guidestones, America’s most mysterious movement”.

“Local Pagan groups have held rituals at the site, some local occultists were at the dedication ceremony psychic Nonnie Wright Bakelder attended the unveiling, she felt the site was magical and claimed it was a very high form of energy- a special energy some would call it a vortex or a power spot.
According to Bakelder this energy theoretically could be harnessed by a magician or witch and channelled into a ritual.”
When it was put to Wyatt that the site is refuted to have occult significance, he retorted “ any connection between the site chosen and occult indications is purely coincidental” 
source ”The Georgia Guidestones, Americas most mysterious Movement” byRaymond Wiley.

Wyatt Martin, currently aged 83.
 Wyatt claimed in other interviews that he kept in touch with RC Christian until just prior to 9/11. He never heard from him after 9/11, he presumed Christian had died as he was an aged man by that time.
As it happens Wyatt is also a member of the Philomathea Masonic lodge in Elberton!
It is my opinion that Fendley, Mullinex & Wyatt could well have been among the small group of Americans that were actually behind the monument, when did a banker ever chose the site for a client to erect a monument?  

So this land was purchased with public money, and Elbert County claims ownership of the monument. I have a few questions!
When it was decided that it should go on The Double Seven 77 Ranch, did Wyatt Martin also broker the deal for the purchase of the land by Elbert County?
Who in public office negotiated buying this land?
To erect a monument of this size on public land would I presume need some sort of planning permission, who negotiated on behalf of the stones, and who negotiated on behalf of Elbert County?
These are very relevant questions, why the feck in 34 years has no one asked them! I would put money on it that the others involved in the planning of this also belonged to Philomathea Lodge.

Incidentally, most Masonic lodges now have web sites and the Philomathea lodge in Elberton has a web site, I thought I would measure the distance between their lodge and the Guidestones. I had to abort this plan as the Elberton lodge's address could not be found anywhere. their web site has the lodge in an industrial estate, another Georgia Masonic site gave a bogus address for the Elberton lodge, and another gave a PO Box number! Link

 On Sunday 21st of September a few of my Facebook friends informed me of the 2014 stone being added to the monument, it would seem that news of the new stone broke at some time in the week previous. This video was posted on You Tube on September 17, 2014 by KafkaWinstonWorld, titled “MY 2nd VISIT TO GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, W/ CAMERA; '2014' INSERTION”.
I do not know who the lady filming it is, but all pics and info that have appeared on the net this week all seem to be from her video.
I have uploaded the video onto my own channel, it was very shaky to begin with, it actually made me feel very nauseous watching it, when I uploaded it onto my own channel, You Tube offered to fix the “shake” in it. It is much easier to watch now, but the outer frame moves about a bit.

At some time in 2009 a cube was very carefully chiselled out of the top of the English Language stone. Some people speculated that it was an act of vandalism, and that someone had tried to weaken the structure in order that it might topple. As is now evident, it was a premeditated action; the cube shape was chiselled out for the 2014 block to be installed at a later date. Fast forward to September 2014, and the new block is added. The lady who made the vid (posted on Sept 17) said that she had seen it a few days earlier and that she returned with her camera to film it. I think there is every chance that the 2014 block was added on September 11! 9/11.
It has been placed right beside the Guidestones first commandment in English, which is:

1.       Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
If we study pictures of the stones prior to 2009 when the cube was chiselled out, we can see that the markers for where the cube would go were there from the beginning.

The Earths current population is 6.6 BILLION, so around about 9 out of every 10 people would have to die in order that the global population could be maintained at under 500 million. The 2014 stone being placed beside this particular commandment is more than a bit disturbing!
As I am sure we all know they are shaping up for WW3 and setting the scene. The Georgia Guide Stones were unveiled on March 22, 1980.
September 11, 2001 is 1120 weeks after the unveiling of the stones, 11+11=22
Iraq was invaded on March 20, 2003, which is 1199 weeks after the unveiling of the stones!
Or 8399 days from the start date to the end date, end date included, 8+3=11, 99
Or 22 years, 11 months, 27 days including the end date, 11+11+11 & 2+7=9
There is a 9/11 whatever way you work it.
Also please note that the cube is significant, the 9/11 memorial is 2 huge inverted black granite cubes. The cube is the symbol of Saturn.
date calculator 

The Graffiti
With the unpalatable messages on the stones, and the obvious inference to a One world governed by a New World Order, they have been subject to numerous graffiti attacks, obvious stuff like “Fuck The New World Order”, and “Jesus will beat u satanists”, this week new graffiti has appeared, it is quite different to any previous graffiti, I think it is very significant that it appeared the same week as the 2014 stone, so I have taken screen shots from the video and analysed it.
NB: Note to anyone else who is figuring on defiling the stones, you need a bulldozer not a can of paint!

  I will start with “GAME ON 711”

711 appears many times, the most obvious is “GAME ON 711”, the less obvious is the symbol that is all over the monument, when studied it is actually a spooned 711.

At it happens the ratio of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is 7:11

 On the face of it we could take it that something is going to start on 7/11 (November 7).

In the US they list the month first and the date second, in Europe the date is listed first and the month second. They have put a stroke through the 7, this is commonly done in European countries to differentiate the 7 from a 1.
7+11=18, 1+8=9
Nine is the number they use for death. 

 At the beginning of the year Christine Largard, the head of the IMF, made a speech that was full of references to the occult and numerology, she spoke of the magic number 7, and said that 2014 was a 7 year.  Link

In my years of previous research, I had already figured that 7 was a number the elite held sacred, when I researched the Olympics, Sandy Hook and Aurora, 7 came up over and over, and here we see it again. Aurora happened 7 days before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the Olympics opened with James Bond 007 parachuting into the stadium with the Queen.

“GAME ON” is an anagram of OMEGA-N, N for November?

“I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END”, is also scrawled all over the stones, beginning and end, alpha and omega!

Within Game On is beginning and end, game on meaning the start of something, Omega meaning the end!

7/11 Omega N, are they telling us that something big is going to happen on November 7?

 November is the month that was chosen for the remembrance of the war dead, 11/11, this is the date that the Armistice was signed between the warring factions of WW1, and it is the date when the war dead of both wars are remembered. The cessation of hostilities on the Western front in WW1 ended on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month in 1918. I have outlined in previous blogs how vastly important the number 11 is to them, so I will not be going into it here.

The very first 11/11 celebration…emm sorry I meant commemoration was hosted by King George V on 11/11/19 on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. King George would have been the only man in the UK at that time that had both a German and British military uniform!

And here is King George V wearing just one of his German uniforms, he is pictured with his full cousin Wilhem II of Germany.
On January 22 1901 Wilhem held Queen Victoria in his arms as she died! In 1917 George changed the family name from Saxe-Coberg-Gotha to Windsor.

The month of November is named from the Latin NOVEM, which actually means NINE. In the Julian and Gregorian calendars November is the eleventh month of the year, but in the Roman calendar November was the ninth month, they later added January and February, this made November the eleventh month, but it retained the name which means 9! So November is a 9 and an 11.

In Judaism 7 is their most sacred number, the candlestick has 7 lamps, acts of atonement and purification were accompanied by a sevenfold sprinkling, the Sabbath is the seventh day, jubilees have a seven year cycle, and they believe that seven is the Divine number of completion.

The stones were unveiled on Saturday 22 March 1980. Firstly Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, secondly the numerical value of 22/3/1980 is 7

(2+2+3+1+9+8=25, 2+5=7)

For months now we have all been observing the Ice Bucket Challenge, (ICE US-ISIS, credit Mark Gray), and many have likened it to some kind of global mass purification, maybe it is tied in?
Update, today 26.09.14, UK MPs voted as to whether or not they should start bombing ISIS in Iraq, the vote was 43 against and 524 for.

















Note the “IAM” is all one word, is this referring to Isis being here, or is it a reference to the great I AM, I AM is just one of the names given to the Hebrew God in the Old Testament.

“IAM HERE” is an anagram of I Hermae, a Hermae is a mound of stones, or a pillar that marks key points, and it was used from ancient times, and is now named after the Greek God Hermes.

Hermes is an Olympian God in Greek Mythology; he was the son of Zeus. IAM HERE being scrawled all over the stones, are the stones some kind of marker?

Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.
He is protector and patron of travellers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths he is a trickster, and outwits other gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. Wikipedia

The Queens only female granddaughter on the maternal side is Zara Philips, daughter of Princess Anne, on January 17 this year she gave birth to the Queens only great-granddaughter on the maternal side, and the babies name….MIA! The great IAM!

Incidentally, the State of Georgia that houses the stones is named after King George II, Prince George will be King George VII….that’s if he ever becomes King.

They do like to keep the name of the most revered Goddess ISIS in the news! Just look at the dollar sign, it is $ all the letters of ISIS on top of each other.

And now we have the alleged Islamic Terrorist group ISIS in the daily news! Now what kind of real Islamic fundamentalists, who hate all things Pagan, would name their terror organisation after the most revered of the Egyptian Goddesses?

Isis is of course the brainchild of Mossad/ CIA, as revealed by Edward Snowdon. The head of ISIS is a Jew who is a MOSSAD agent, his name prior to adopting his Islamic name was Simon Ellliot, now known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, al just means of the family, Baghdadi is Baghdad-I, and abubakr has Barak within it, with a left over BU, which is internet slang for back-up, so we have “ I Back up Barak Baghdad!” Cute donta think?

With the 2014 cube appearing last week, my fellow researcher Bessie Totten predicted they would do something big on the Autumn Equinox  (23/09/2014), and sure enough the USA has started bombing ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. The death toll has not been released yet, but it is known that 3 children have been killed, so the US have marked the equinox with a mass blood slaughter, including at least 3 virgin children. In her blog Bessie examines why they are striving to paint the Goddess in such a negative manner.  Link to Bessie's Blog

The Georgia Guidstones are known as Americas Stonehenge, and RC Christian told Wyatt that he had visited the ancient Stonehenge monument in England and it had inspired him to create a similar monument. On September 5 this year Barack Obama made a very public visit to Stonehenge, exactly 18 days later and he is bombing the shit out of Syria and Iraq!  18=6+6+6

The great outer monoliths at Stonehenge are now known to have came from Carn Goedog in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Obama had been staying at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport South Wales, if a line is drawn from Carn Goedog to Stonehenge, Newport lies just above the line. 

There are various theories as to how these huge stones made their way 160 miles from South Wales to Salisbury plain, in truth no one knows, but when Obama made his way to the stones he travelled practically the same route as the huge outer stones to the site, from the main entrance of the resort to the centre of Stonehenge is 56.9 miles. 9/11

I am not sure how Obama’s visit to Stonehenge ties in, but I think it is significant, twice in one month two huge stone monuments have been brought into the news, then the US start bombing Isis targets!

When the US/UN want to invade somewhere, they send their agents and mercenaries in first to destabilise and divide the country before they make a full on assault. As already mentioned ISIS is a CIA/Mossad terrorist group, the Free Syrian Army is also funded and supported by the US, and just today the US vowed to give them more money. So the situation as of today, and this is the fools easy to understand guide, Assad, the legitimate leader of Syria is the enemy of the USA, the US backed Free Syrian Army started attacking government forces and civilians, then ISIS show up and start attacking the Free Syrian Army and Assad forces, and just about anything else that moves….then today the US attacked Isis strongholds…they informed the Assad government that they would be launching attacks within Syria, and the government did not object! So they attacked their enemies that making sense?

The above photograph is one of many, it is ISIS agents rounding up Iraqis which they later murdered, take a good look at these guys, do they look like a waggle-taggle bunch of Islamic fundamentalists, or do they look like well trained Marines or Mossad agents? Even their tan looks fake.  Link
Ever wondered why the ISIS guys always cover their faces? Could it be they dont want the folks back home to recognise them?

They create these terror groups, send them into countries to commit vile crimes and cause complete chaos and destruction, then they act like the good guys going in to kill the bad guys!

Link Sept 23 events in Syria


This is probably the most interesting bit of graffiti, straight off the name of the Hebrew God YHWH jumped out at me, when YHWH is removed from the letters you have ANBALAHA left.

Worship of the Hebrew God YHWH from Yahwah, is said to have been brought to Israel with Moses, YHWH later translated to JHVH, and the KJV of the bible uses Jehovah for YHWH.


There are quite a few possibilities with this collection of letters left after YHWH is removed, first of the God Bal is in the centre.

ANAHA is a Hawaiian word which means reflection of light.

 NABLA, a nabla is a mathematical symbol, it is an upside-down pyramid, and its name is derived from nevel which is the Hebrew for harp.

In Unicode it is the character at centre point U+2207,

U+2207, in Chaldean numerology U = 6

22/07, 22 July or 11.11.7

Its Unicode in decimal is 8711
711 again.



NAHAL is an Israeli defence Forces program that combines military service with developing new agricultural settlements, new to them, not the people they stole the land of.

ABA is a Hebrew name which means Born on a Thursday! November 7 his year is on a Friday.


 Just below HANBAHLAHWAY are two words, one I think is “SEATHAH”, but I am really not sure what it says, it is pretty hard to make out. When I ran SEATHAH through Google, the only thing that came up was a passage from Isaiah, “The SEA HATH spoken”! Beside this is the word CALAH, this is much clearer, and it has been written more than once on the stones.

Calah is mentioned in Genesis chapter 10 v 11 (KJV)
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.
He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord.
10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
11 Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah,
12 And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city.

Calah sits on the banks of the Tigress, it means Holy Gate or Gate of God, and it dates back over 4000 years, the civilisation at Calah pre-dates the Egyptian Civilisation. From 1300BC onwards it was the capital of the Assyrian Kings, and they had their temples and palaces there.

It is believed that by 1300BC it had fallen into neglect, the Assyrian King Assus-nacir-apli (circa 885 BC) states that Shalmaneser I rebuilt it. He rebuilt and restored the city and its shrines and temples. The temple of Ninip, the temple of The Lady of The Land, Sin, Gula and Enil were all restored, and from this time onwards Calah was the capital of Assyria and home to the kings of that land.

Depending on what interpretation of the Bible you believe the city was founded by Nimrod or Assur, however Nimrod is not attested to anywhere in Assyrian, Babylonian, Akkadian or Sumerian literature.

Location & Name

Calah lies 19 miles south of modern day Monsul, it sits on the banks of the Tigris river, it is in the Nineveh Province of Iraq, and the region is called Mesopotamia which is Greek for “In the midst of the rivers”.  It is also known as Kalhu and it is now known as Nimrud after the biblical Nimrod although there is no evidence of anyone of that name ever having been there.

This is the true cradle of civilisation, its history is long and bloody, from the written word was invented, men have fought for control of this area of the world, it's literal translation is "The Gate of God in the midst of the rivers".
"AS above so below", there is also a Gate of God in the Heavens, at birth we are said to pass through the Gate of Man which lies in the Milky  Way, at death we pass through the Gate of God, also in the Milky Way, the Milky Way is the great celestial river in the heavens, so the war on "terror" being brought to this ancient place is no accident.

The Treasure of Nimrud

In 1988 Iraqi archaeologists unearthed what is now called “The Treasure of Nimrud”. It was displayed at Baghdad’s National Museum for just a few months, when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 the treasure was removed from public display, its location remained a mystery until 2003.

When the treasure was unearthed in 1988 archaeologists declared it was the greatest archaeological find since Tutankhamen’s Tomb was opened. Not one piece in the collection could be valued; it truly is a priceless collection.

When the Americans began their assault on Iraq in 2003, I clearly remember the curators of the Iraqi museum being interviewed and saying that the museum staff had taken what they could carry from the museum, they feared the Americans would either bomb or steel the precious artefacts from the museum, it was then claimed that the Iraqis looted the museum, it transpired that the looters were actually concerned Iraqi citizens who took what they could of their countries precious artefacts to safety, most of it has now been returned.

After the US had reigned complete chaos on Iraq and secured the assets they most wanted to profit from, ie the oil fields, they set about finding the Treasure of Nimrud. National Geographic made a documentary about it. I am posting the link to this documentary because they travel to the palaces of Nimrud and show the treasure and location it was found, but please excuse the absolutely sickening US reporting. This documentary clearly shows the utter destruction of Iraq that the US brought about, however their commentary makes no apologies; they just keep reiterating the “Saddam bad man” mantra. The treasure was eventually found in a vault under the central bank of Iraq, the US had bombed the shit out of the bank and it is a miracle that the treasure survived the assault. This is the LINK, but be warned, the US commentary is sickening.

Now! Back to the stones and Calah, this region of Iraq is currently under the control of ISIS, and just this week the US have began bombing ISIS targets in Syria, they have also vowed to bomb ISIS targets in Iraq, Monsul, just 19 mile from Calah/Nimrud is currently an ISIS stronghold, and it will undoubtedly be on the USA’s to bomb list.

My fellow researcher Bessie Totten has published her take on the 2014 cube being added, it is an interesting read, as she points out the war on TERROR, is the war on TARA, the sacred feminine, the Goddess of old, also known as ISIS the premier female deity. Like why would a fundamentalist Islamic group name their “terror” group after the premier Egyptian Goddess when they claim to hate all things pagan? Bush and Obama, when talking about the war on terror pronounce the word “terror” as TARA. Bessie's blog

Terror, the invisible enemy that has no one country, terror that is global and gives them the justification to go into just about any country and launch attacks on the terror groups that they themselves are responsible for! This is WW3, it has already started!
Below is some of the other graffiti, I will hopefully find time to add comment in the next few days. I also believe that the whole Ebola thing somehow ties in  and I will be adding more information regarding the Guidestones depopulation message and Ebola.
Apologies for the quality of the pics, my "screen shot" facility on my lap top is broken, so the pics are all taken with my camera.
Sandra Barr

UPDATE 27/09/2014
Well! No sooner did it appear but it disappeared! It has been ceremoniously removed and smashed! I do not know who these people are, but well done!
Turns out 20 14 was not the only writing on the cube. The top had "MM", Master Mason no doubt, the bottom had "JAM", and the two hidden sides had 8 & 16. Below is a recording of the event.

Below is Mark Gray's excellent analyses of the removed cube, Link To Mark's "Keys To Cosmic Doorways" Facebook page. Link To Marks personal Facebook page.

Monkey See Monkey Do
Today 26/09/2014 the UK government will vote on whether or not they will start bombing Iraq again!
The never ending war on Tara link


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